Tuesday, September 06, 2016


From The Guardian:

The BBC is to release an animation of a Doctor Who story that was lost eight years after its one airing in 1966.

The Power of the Daleks, a story with six episodes from the fourth season of Doctor Who, featured Patrick Troughton as the Doctor.

A handful of clips have been salvaged and posted online but no complete recording is known to have survived a purge of the master negatives from the BBC’s archive in 1974.

BBC Worldwide said it has commissioned an animation studio to recreate the episodes. They will be released on the BBC Store at 5.50pm on 5 November – exactly 50 years since it was first transmitted on BBC1. ...

So what we've got here is an animated remake of an old, live-action classic. This goes against the current grain of mining live-action product from old animated features, but turnabout IS fair play.


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