Friday, September 02, 2016

Wager Survey(s)

First point:

The Animation Guild's Wage Survey wrapped up today. As of noon, TAG had a 29% return of 4,650 surveys. We'll be tabulating results for the next couple of weeks (and accepting late surveys while we do it), then we'll publish the results on the blog, in the Peg-Board, on the website.

(You can find last year's TAG Wage Survey here.) ...

Second point:

Energetic Canadians are doing their own animation and VFX wage surveys in different Canadian cities here. ...

We are now surveying wages in Ontario Animation

For all positions held in 2016. Our survey can be found at

Currently you can see preliminary data after you submit, but the wages and positions are not currently linked. Please follow this blog for regular survey results.

Our data will only be as good as our sample size. If you work in Ontario animation, please share this survey widely....

Third point:

Cartoon Brew is reporting on the various Canadian wage surveys here:

A new artist-run survey of Vancouver animation industry employees has revealed stunning low salaries that in some cases barely reach Metro Vancouver’s baseline standard for a living wage.

Another key revelation from the survey, besides low wages, is that over 90% of animation workers in Vancouver have reported not being compensated for overtime work, a major violation of British Columbia labor law. When the unpaid overtime hours are factored into the salaries, many Vancouver artists earn below a living wage for Metro Vancouver. ...

Besides the wage sharing survey, the artists are posting commentaries that defend why unionization is currently their best option and explain what to do if a Vancouver artist learns they’re being underpaid. They point out that all of the thousands of live-action film workers in Vancouver are unionized and receive overtime compensation. ...

Unionized workers receive higher compensation? Who would have thought?


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