Wednesday, September 07, 2016


You'd better sit down for this. It seems that white men rule Hollywood.

... [A] scathing new report [from USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism] found that only 31.4% of all speaking roles in the 100 top-grossing films last year were female and that nearly half (49%) had no speaking roles for Asian or Asian-American characters. ...

Behind the cameras, the report found that females directed only 4.1% of the top-grossing 800 films evaluated between 2007-15 (excluding 2011). “Women of color were almost absent from these ranks,” the report said, noting that only three of those directors were African-American and one was Asian. ...

Women fared slightly better as writers (11.8%) and producers (22%) but far worse as composers: Only one of the 113 composers who worked on the 100 top films last year was female. From 2007-15 (excluding 2011), only 1.4% of all composers were women — a gender ratio of 72-1. ...

Animation is not much different than the live-action sector. Women have always been a small fragment of the creative part of the business, although when ink-and-paint was a studio department (instead of something shipped overseas) women dominated it ... and brought up female representation in cartoonland to 40-50%.

But that was in the far-away past. In 2016, there is no ink and paint, and women make up 22% of the creative workfroce. This is low, but the percentages are moving in the right direction. Not too many years ago women were 19% of the total animation workforce.


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