Thursday, September 01, 2016

Case Continues

Better late than never: the trade papers told us:

On Monday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected an effort by Disney and DreamWorks to delay a class action lawsuit that alleges that animation studios colluded with each other to deny [their] workers better job opportunities and keep wages low.

Robert Nitsch, a former visual effects worker who worked on Matrix Revolutions and Kung Fu Panda, and others are moving forward after striking a $13 million settlement with Sony Pictures and a $5.9 million deal with Fox's Blue Sky Studios. A trial is currently scheduled for June 2017 to hear evidence in an antitrust lawsuit pertaining to the alleged way that these companies conspired about a decade ago not to "cold call" one another's employees.

In May, U.S. District Court judge Lucy Koh partially certified the class over Disney's objections that the issue of statute of limitation precluded this outcome. ...

The Big Conglomerates are going to fight this until the writing appears in bright, raised letters on the wall. And even then they might push on. Because "Deep Pockets" are two of their middle names.

I'm not expecting DreamWorks, now part of the Comcast family, or the Disney Company, to settle. But then, I didn't anticipate self-driving cars to come into existence, so who the hell knows? Stranger things than th settlement of a lawsuit have certainly happened.


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