Saturday, September 03, 2016

That Old-Time Animation

Hand-drawn animation is (sadly) a thing of the past here in the continental United States. But animation of the stop-motion has continued to maintain a beachhead inside the citadel of commercial movie-making. ...

I'm not sure why that is, but several studio want to keep doing the art-form. (Can't blame them; when the medium works, it really works).


Grant said...

Stop Motion can be beautiful. Although I don't like the "cg" touch up as most heavily employed with cartoons like Kubo as much--I miss the "hand made" quality.

But very few, if any of these films, have turned profits. And only just into the black. Nightmare Before Christmas didn't fare that well when originally released, box office wise. Only in the following years did it become more successful.

In the case of a cartoon like Kubo--no amount of visuals can save a story the audience doesn't care about.

Steve Hulett said...

has received admiring reviews, but if the tale isn't compelling, no amount of visual dazzle will save it.

(I don't know if it works as a movie or not, since I haven't seen the pic).

Tim said...

This is a nice retrospective, but I would've also liked to have seen a clip of George Pal's Pupppetoons, and something from one of the many Rankin-Bass holiday specials. Rudolf has indeed influenced us all.

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