Friday, September 02, 2016

Merger Hiccup

An entertainment journal tells us:

China's commerce ministry says it has received unspecified complaints that the U.S. deal, which closed last week, could hurt competition in the Chinese market.
China's commerce ministry is launching an anti-trust investigation into Comcast's recent acquisition of DreamWorks Animation.

"We will probe into the case based on anti-monopoly laws," said Shen Danyang, a spokesman from China's Ministry of Commerce, during a briefing in Beijing on Friday, as reported by Reuters. Shen said authorities had received complaints that the deal could threaten competition in the Chinese market, but he declined to specify the source of the objections.

U.S. cable giant Comcast announced in April it would buy DreamWorks Animation for $3.8 billion via entertainment arm NBCUniversal. The U.S. Justice Department approved the purchase in June after finding no threat to competition. ...

No merger is without its bumps (brick walls?) in the road. The United States government thinks the marriage is peachy-dandy, but now the Middle Kingdom is saying "Welll. Let's take this thingie over to the light where we can get a good look at it. THEN we'll tell you what we think."


Chris Sobieniak said...

They already had to open up a studio over there, I can see why they would want to scrutinize this.

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