Monday, September 05, 2016

Animation Replaces Animation

If Europe wants to get into feature animation in a meaningful way, it better get cracking. Because a U.S.-Canadian production just replaced an American production at the top of the U.K. box office list.

Sausage Party ended Finding Dory’s two-week reign as the UK’s number one as it debuted top of the box office.

Sony’s adult animation bit into a strong $3.6m (£2.7m), including $535,000 (£400,000) in previews, from its 525 sites. Its Fri-Sun tally of $3.1m (£2.3m) would have also seen it land a clear number one.

The opening is almost double that of most previous original Seth Rogen comedies, including This Is The End ($1.86m/£1.39m from 407 sites) and Superbad ($1.98m/£1.48m from 402). ...

Dory has been red hot during its run in the United Kingdom, up there with The Junge Book and Inside Out. As you might have noticed, along with the two pure animated titles in the Big List, there's a super hero epic replete with animated visual effects.

UNITED KINGDOM'S TOP FIVE -- Weekend -- Total Cume

1 Sausage Party (Sony) $3.6m (£2.7m) -- $3.6m (£2.7m)
2 Brotherhood (Lionsgate) $2.64m (£1.98m) -- $2.64m (£1.98m)
3 Finding Dory (Disney) $2m (£1.49m) -- $51.9m (£38.86m)
4 Bad Moms (Entertainment) $1.55m (£1.16m) -- $5.31m (£3.98m)
5 Suicide Squad (WB) $1.04m (£780,000) -- $43.4m (£32.46m)


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