Thursday, August 30, 2012


The times, they are dicey. Especially for animation execs who stand at the helm of storm-tossed ships.

Reeling from its spectacular ratings fall, Nickelodeon has pushed out animation chief Brown Johnson, the executive most responsible for creating the network's cartoon sensation "Dora the Explorer."

Johnson is leaving Nickelodeon "to pursue her own creative endeavors," Nickelodeon said in a statement Wednesday. She had served as president of animation for four years, but had been a creative force within the network for two decades.

Johnson was key to Nickelodeon's enormous success during the last decade, guiding "Dora the Explorer" and "Blues Clues." ... However, during the last year, Nickelodeon has hemorrhaged young viewers.

Tinsel Town can be a hard and cruel place when ratings points slip away and revenues slip with them. Nick was initially in denial about the Mouse eating its lunch, but stats are stats.

But they're not in denial anymore. Hopefully Brown Johnson can find employment elsewhere. We hate for people to be jobless, even when they are executives at our fine conglomerates.


Ty said...

I'm a huge Spongebob fan. But it seems like everytime I turn to the channel there's a Spongebob episode playing. I've read about new shows they have coming out, but I rarely see them on. It's always a Spongebob marathon.

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