Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Variety: Fear Envelopes VFX Biz

During the SIGGRAPH conference, I had the opportunity to speak to a Variety reporter Karen Idelson about the visual effects industry and unionization. Her article, which is listed as being co-authored by David Cohen, made today's edition of the publication.

(We've had our wrists slapped in the past for quoting too liberally from Variety articles, so I'll encapsulate in broad strokes and highly encourage you to read the article online or in print by supporting the publication.)

Karen and David point out a growing swell of concern over the viability of the visual effects industry within our country's borders. A brighter light is being pointed at how production studios are using visual effects to not only attract audiences but chase profits. In the end, artists and visual effects studios are left making the sacrifices and people are getting sick of it.

Concern of "pushing work away" by increasing costs or red-tape is giving way to the understanding that the entertainment conglomerates extortion of the industry is only possible with the consent of those being abused. The growing outcry has sparked interest in the formation of a union for vfx artists as well as a trade organization for vfx studios.

In this organizer's opinion, the two organizations, united, are the best way to enact meaningful and lasting change. Change that would bring profits back to vfx shops as well as a meaningful and viable career back to vfx artists.


Celshader said...

The VFX companies will band together as a trade organization before the VFX artists band together as a union.

I hope SpiUnion proves me wrong.

Steven Kaplan said...

With both groups, its up to the individuals not the organizations. Dr. Ross has been trying for years to get that Trade Organization together. Looks like he's got some traction.

Organization starts from within, Celshader.

Anonymous said...

@celshader Don't wait for us. Contact Steve and get involved.

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