Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The James Lopez Interview -- Part II

TAG Interview with James Lopez
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James Lopez had a different career track from most of the artists who ended up as supervising animators at Walt Disney Feature Animation. James didn't start at Disney ...

He started as an in-betweener for Don Bluth, working under animator Bruce Smith (an early TAG blog interview subject, and now a director of shorts at Disney Toon Studios.)

After two years at Cal Arts, James travelled to Ireland to work as a storyboard trainee for the Bluth studio in Dublin. He soon returned to Los Angeles for a job as an animating assistant on the independent feature Rover Dangerfield, and quickly advanced to full-fledged journey animator.

Mr. Lopez career timing was impeccable, for the early nineties was a time when the animation industry was taking off like a veritable rocket. And as Rover Dangerfield was wrapping up, Disney Feature came calling ...


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