Wednesday, August 29, 2012

TAG 401(k) Plan Factoids

I spent most of Monday in a trustee meeting for the Animation Guild's 401(k) Plan, which is our little "add on" to the Motion Picture Industry Pension Plan's offerings.

TAG's 401(k) Plan was started in 1995, during the administration of Guild president Tom Sito. Mr. Sito spearheaded the drive to get studios to agree to the Plan by circulating a petition at Disney Feature Animation, and the rest, as they say, is More Retirement Security.

But here is where the TAG 401(K) Plan stands today, in its 18th year ...

* Total Number of Participants -- 2,297

* Average Account Balance -- $66,005

* Three Largest Plan Accounts:
SAGIC (Fixed Interest) -- 16.5%
PIMCO Total Return -- 13.4%
Select Index Eqty (Large U.S. Stock Index) -- 10.2%

* Largest Vanguard Target Fund -- Retirement Income -- 4.9%

* Balances by Age:
Under Age 30: -- $17,092
Age 30-39 -- $40,698
Age 40-49 -- $73,754
Age 50-59 -- $83,763
Age 60 and Over -- $73,934

* Total Plan Assets -- $151,614,207

Guild members are saving money for retirement above the national average, and above Mass Mutual's other 401(k) participants in every age bracket.

Not bad at all.


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