Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The James Lopez Interview -- Part I

TAG Interview with James Lopez

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Mr. James Lopez started drawing at a tender age, and wanted to be an artist almost from the get-go ...

Although he wasn't sure he could make a career in animation (it was pretty much in a deep slumber when he was in high school), James hoped to make a go of art somewhere. For a time, he thought he might become an illustrator.

But two years at the California Institute of the Arts changed that perception. Offered a summer job by the Bluth-Sullivan studios at the end of his freshman year, his career was launched.

Mr. Lopez details those early days (and more) here in Part I of the TAG interview.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

Interesting to hear from someone who's not ashamed of "tracing".

Steve Hulett said...

Everybody has to start somewhere.

Animation icon Vance Gerry once told me: "Never draw what you can trace. And never trace what you can Xerox."

He was kidding, but only a little.

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