Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Foreign Animation Surge Explained

The Times of India explains why animated feature now boom in foreign lands:

Despite being a cinema-obsessed state, animation films have always been a hard sell in Tamil Nadu, [down there at the bottom of India], as most moviegoers in the state preferred the wham-bham of action films to "cartoon films". But it looks like this has changed in 2012 as animation films are proving to be a safe bet for distributors and theatre owners.

Says a distributor, "Theatre owners have woken up to the fact that animation films sell more tickets because parents accompany kids to watch these flicks. While the main reason for the surge in popularity of these films is the screening of Tamil-dubbed versions of such films on TV, the fact that they come in 3D also means theatres can charge for the 3D glasses and generate sizable revenue

These cartoon thingamajigss have to be dubbed into the local tongue to make big money.

Who would have guessed?

Apparently Ben Stiller isn't the huge draw in Tamil Nadu that he is elsewhere.


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