Thursday, August 23, 2012


Not a monster breakout hit, but a steady performer.

Fox has ordered 6 additional scripts from animated series Bob’s Burgers. The network renewed the comedy for a third season with a 13-episode order back in January, before the series’ second season premiere in March. The additional scripts will go towards a back order, bringing the total number of scripts for Season 3 to 19. ...

BB is written and boarded at Bento Box in Burbank (ain't alliteration grand?)

The show has provided steady work for TAG's storyboard artists, directors and designers, also employment for WGA writers. On prime-time shows, Fox has a contract with the WGA; for Fox half-hours that aren't broadcast in prime time, the Animation Guild covers the writers.


Dave said...

I believe the correct phrase is 'Ain't Alliteration Amazingly Awesome'.

My Ocean said...

Hope the artists can survive the Bataan Death March that is Bob's.

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