Friday, August 31, 2012

Tied Wage Surveys

The morning mails brought some more paper surveys.

Also, too, the interwebs delivered more digital surveys. So we are now up to 22.8% in the "returned survey forms" category ...

This is higher than the return of two years ago (22%) and within spitting distance of last year's 23%.

The survey "deadline" is now over, but here is how things will go from here until the survey's publication: On Tuesday next, when staff returns from the three-day weekend, we will commence counting wages and numbers. This will take a bit of a while, since we've had a return of close to 800 survey forms.

Sooo. What we want interested parties to do, from right now until the end of next week, is send in more survey forms. We will go on toting up received forms until we're ready to publish a couple of weeks hence, and our practice is to accept stragglers until the day of publication.

In other words: keep sending in the freaking forms. The more information we have, the more detailed and accurate we can be.


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