Saturday, April 04, 2009

Early April B.O.

Now with extra-strength Add On.

The Nikkster has numbers (and estimates) for MvA's second weekend of release, and Reese and the boys are holding up, but they're not in first place anymore ...

1. Fast & Furious (Universal) OPENER [3,461] Fri $28M, Wkd $65M

2. Monsters v Aliens (DWA/Par) WEEK 2 [4,109] Fri $9.2M (-45%), Wkd $35M, Cume $107M

3. Haunting In Connecticut (LG) WEEK 3 [2,732] Fri $3.7M, Wkd $9.5M, Cume $28.5M

4. I Love You, Man (DW/Par) WEEK 3 [2,829] Fri $2.7M, Wkd $8.9M, Cume $50.2M

5. Knowing (Summit) WEEK 3 [3,323] Fri $2.6M, Wkd $8.8M, Cume $58.6M

Add On: Box Office Mojo weighs in with numbers that are fresher and a tad diffent than Nikke's.

Fast and Furious -- $30.1 million

MvA -- $8.9 million

Haunting in CCt. -- $3.7 million

And so on.

Add On Too: The street racers are back with a vengeance, hauling down $72 million for the weekend. Universal/GE is no doubt ecstatic. Record-breaking box office right in the middle of a deep recession that they can use to scream "We're hurting!" at the labor unions.

The Nikkster has the Top Five finishers:

1. Fast & Furious (Universal) OPENER [3,461] Wkd $71M

2. Monsters v Aliens (DWA/Par) Week 2 [4,109] Wkd $32.5M, Cume $104.7M

3. Haunting In Conn (LG) Week 3 [2,732] Wkd $9.5M, Cume $37.2M

4. Knowing (Summit) Week 3 [3,323] Wkd $8M, Cume $58.1M

5. I Love You, Man (DW/Par) Week 3 [2,829] Wkd $7.5M, Cume $48.9M

Monsters vs. Aliens has the second smallest drop of any Top Ten feature, so we can push the Koch Box Office Multiplier (r) up to 4+. Which means that MvA will quite possibly come in above the $200 million domestic mark, when all the AMC passes have been activated and used.

And down at #20, Coraline has pretty much shot its wad, playing in 211 theaters and taking in $193,000. The little girl won't be climbing to $80 mill, but should have a pleasant after-life on DVD.

Add On #3: Variety reports that MvA is tearing up the wickets overseas:

"Monsters vs. Aliens" scared up the top weekend slot at a resurgent international box office with $34.2 million at 6,991 playdates in 43 markets with 3D locations proving particularly popular...

"Monster vs. Aliens," with launches in most major markets, took in its top numbers in the U.K. with $6.5 million, including $2.5 million in previews. Mexico grossed with $3.2 million, followed by Australia and Spain with $2.9 million each, Italy with $2.6 million, France with $2.1 million and Germany with $1.5 million.

I think we can safely say that DreamWorks Animation will make a nice amount of change with its latest submission. And DWA wmployees will be happy their company isn't in the grip of a financial crisis.


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