Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monsters Continue to Truck

DWA's 3-D extravaganza continues to gather in the sheaves around various parts of the globe:

Par's "Monsters Vs Aliens" remained the only other pic [besides "Fast and Furious"] with serious potency in foreign markets with $20 million at 7,058 in 58 territories, all from holdovers. Foreign cume has hit $126 million, trailing the domestic take by $36 million.

The U.K. led the way with $3.3 million, down only 19% in its third frame with 3D screens taking in an average of $9,000 -- three times better than conventional venues. French biz rose 34% to $2.7 million while Australian takings jumped 12% to $2.3 million and German grosses soared 71% to $1.8 million

Despite Wall Street's sour outlook, the flick appears to be tracking along normal lines in foreign venues.

Assuming the overseas take matches or betters U.S. totals, we're looking at worldwide box office of $400+ million. Thereafter, DWA falls silent until March of next year, when How to Train Your Dragon hits global multiplexes.


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