Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Second Hurdle Cleared

Now with fresh, barbequed Add On.

SAG has now gone over the second jump in the steeple chase:

The Screen Actors Guild board of directors, moving a step closer toward resolving a nine-month stalemate with the studios that rattled Hollywood's nerves and roiled its largest entertainment union, narrowly approved a new film and TV contract for its members this afternoon.

In a split vote reflecting ongoing fissures within the union, the board voted 53% in favor of a new two-year contract that is largely modeled on one forged last year by other Hollywood talent guilds. Approval was expected because the board is now controlled by the union's moderate wing.

This deal, of course, is far from a done deal. Mr. Rosenberg wil go down with guns blazing, so it's hard to know how the membership will finally vote.

I'm sure there are various movie producers who secretly hope for a "No" vote and a return to the bargaining table. The longer the talks, the longer the payments to actors at 2008 rates. And the chance of a strike will continue to be minimal.

Such a deal for the production companies ...

Add On: Variety's Cynthia Littleton details the clusterfuck to come:

... The fall election will be an important barometer of how SAG's 120,000 members feel about the state of their union. But the political infighting won't be settled even if there's a landslide victory by candidates aligned with the Unite for Strength faction, the moderates who have effectively opposed the Rosenberg-led Membership First wing since UFS won seven seats on the national board last fall. SAG's Balkanization is too deeply rooted to be overcome in one election ...

"Tom Hanks is a Union Buster," read a picket sign at one of the demonstrations that about 200 or so SAG members have held in recent weeks outside of Warner Bros., CBS and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers headquarters. This contingent has vowed to mount a vigorous "vote no" campaign when the tentative contract is sent to members for ratification.

"Thank you for keeping the fires burning," Rosenberg said through a bullhorn April 2 at a rally outside the AMPTP. The next prexy will have a hard time containing these fires.

I can't wait to see Tom Hanks burned in effigy. Should be a hoot.


Anonymous said...

"In a split vote reflecting ongoing fissures "

hey beavis...heh heh.....he said "fissures..." heh heh.....

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