Friday, April 03, 2009

'Toonage Abroad

No worldwide "day and date" for Monsters Vs. Aliens. The stereo 3-D extravaganza is rolling out a territory at a time ...

... "Monsters vs. Aliens" grossed $4.6 million as it expanded into eight markets following its opening in Russia and Ukraine the weekend before. Foreign cume through March 29 was $14.4 million in the pic's first 10 days in release ...

MvA is no doubt going to do nicely for DreamWorks Animation over the next several months. Assuming a Koch box-office multiplier of 4 during its domestic run (a big assumption, since we don't yet know how it holds up during weekend two), the feature should come in north of $200 million.

(I've seen estimates of anywhere from $160 million to $220 million.)

My early guesstimate: A worldwide gross in the $420 million to $600 million range. If it fell right in the middle of that, I would not be at all surprised.


Anonymous said...

MVA is hilarious. It's pure Mad Magazine stupidity. I think the critics missed this. Conrad Vernon and his crew shines through this thing like crazy. It has a love of cartoon history, and that is special. It's why a lot of us want to draw for a living.

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