Sunday, April 26, 2009

Worldwide B.O. for Monsters

The 3-D epic keeps rolling:

... Par's "Monsters Vs Aliens" continued to tap into family coin with $11.2 million at 6,667 in 59 markets, led by $1.5 million in its fourth Brit frame. South Korea launched with $1.1 million.

With $143 million overseas and $174.8 million domestically, "Monsters Vs Aliens" has cumed $317 million worldwide ...

What with many animated features getting more than half their box office revenue overseas, I'm still projecting that MvA ends up in the $400-$500 million range when all the ticket stubs are counted.

The totals might not be all that Jeffrey was hoping for, but they're not going to be too shabby.


Anonymous said...

This is GREAT info! CONGRATS to DW and the crew.

Take stock, while animated films are far fewer than live action, the good ones get what they deserve.

Here's to more original stories like this.

Anonymous said...

It won't reach $400M. You can quote me later.

Back to Shrek, DreamWorks. It's where your money lies.

Anonymous said...

"$11.2 million at 6,667 in 59 markets..."
What's a "market?" I guess each market has 113 of something. Can you enlighten us?

Anonymous said...

gotta love people who asked be quoted on something and post anonymously.

if they hate then let them hate and watch the $$$ pile up.

robiscus said...

Barack Obama is an african american man. Last time I checked that meant "black". The author, Anthony Bartkewicz obviously doesn't specify in his semantics, but regardless....

I've never read the quote where he claimed to be "a mutt", but I doubt he would prefer that over being seen as an African American. Because that is what he has called himself over and over again in nearly countless interviews. His wife even takes that position (60 Minutes).

Specifying that he is of "mixed race" is really scrutinizing to the point of ridiculousness. It doesn't say that on his drivers license.


Steve Hulett said...

Uh ... wrong thread, but okay.

His quote about being a "mutt" can be found here:,,20239003,00.html

You're welcome.

The President has a white mother, black father. He has written and spoken (proudly) about his mother. Has nothing much to say about his father since Mr. Obama only saw him for two weeks when he was ten.

His upbringing was by his mother's side of the family. If he considers himself "African American" that's fine. Who cares anyway? (Not me.)

But he still has a white mother and black father.

robiscus said...

"Who cares anyway? (Not me.)"Apparently you care enough to specify in bold print that he is of mixed race, when someone states that he is black. There is a palpable level of concern on your part there....

Steve Hulett said...

If I state that I'm Irish, when I have an Irish mother and a Samoan father, might be fine for me and everyone else. But it only speaks to how I how I self-identify, not what the reality is.

And now you've put up a clip of President Obama indenifying himself as a black man, and another poster linked to a clip (which I lifted) of President Obama identifying himself as a "mutt."

Tell me again what we're fighting over?

Floyd Norman said...

I'm confused. I'm a black guy, and I don't understand what we're fighting about.

By the way, I'm a mixture of damn near everything, but society sees me as black, so black I am.

Who gives a rat's behind anyway?

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