Friday, April 03, 2009

WB Animation Resurges

Okay, not exactly a big fat return to its previous level of production, but more than in recent times.

Yesterday Warners staffers told me:

"We've got three series going now. THere's Sccoby, Batman and a third series that I don't think has been announced yet, so I'm not going to tell you the title or any details.

This is more series than we've had in like, two or three years. We've also got two DVD features happening, so we're employing more people. Not as many as we did in the good old days, but more ..."

The new incarnation of the Scoobster is showing up on Cartoon Network. Seems sort of wise, since CN is owned by Time-Warner (just like CN Animation Studio.

What I've never gotten is why Warner Bros. Animation and CN Studios don't like, work together ... acquire a little synergy between them, if you will. Reinforce each other's product lines.

And why Time-Warner doesn't do this is a total mystery. I've brought it up with Nick and Warner Bros. Animation execs for years and years. The answers I get boil down to:

"Yeah, it'd be a good thing to do, but ... Time Warner doesn't work that way" ...

Yeah, guess not.

Your big ungainly conglom at work, brothers and sisters. Coordination of assets to improve efficiency, profitability and market share seems to be off the planning table.

But I thank the ghost of Jack L. Warner for small favors. At least they've got a bit more production going on at the Warner Bros. Animation unit.


Wait...What? said...

Justice League, Teen Titans, Batman: Brave & Bold.... all WB properties produced at WB animation and aired on CN. How is the new Scooby show any different?

Anonymous said...

Is the yet to be named show an action or comedy show?

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