Monday, April 06, 2009

Return of MegaCollector

More from the MegaCollector's collection of artwork from the Fleischer feature Mr. Bug Goes To Town, of which we posted several examples in November.

Click on thumbnail for a larger picture

This drawing is by Fleischer artist Bob Wickersham*, who also worked for Disney in the 1930s, drawn as a gift to an unknown Floridian named Jackie. It's dated 1940, when the feature then named Hoppity Goes To Town was still in production. The center top character is clearly Hoppity, and the character at middle left is from the same feature. Not so clear if the wolf at top right is Disney's big bad pig-chaser.

Perhaps a cousin ...

* corrected from "Wickersay"


Mark Mayerson said...

Thanks for sharing the drawing. The artist's name is Bob Wickersham. Wickersham directed many Fox and Crow cartoons in the 1940's for Columbia's cartoon studio.

Dave Bennett said...

He also animated at Warner Bros. and did a lot of great comic book work in the 40s and 50s . . . and the best of the old 'Jolly Green Giant' commercials were his work as well!

Jeff Massie said...

Thanks for the correction, and I am fixing the typo in the original post.

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