Saturday, April 25, 2009

Obsessive Box Office

With spanking fresh Add On.

A new contingent of moving pictures occupies the upper reaches of Friday's box office.

Critics defecate on it, but Obsessed claws its way through the guano to land at Numero Uno, courtesy of a big female demographic. Meantime, Fighting slugs away at #2 ...

Monsters Vs. Aliens glides down to #7, where it's collected another two million dollars for a new running total of $168.2 million domestic ...

Add On: The weekend preliminaries are in, and the newbies finish (mostly) on top, with the vets hanging onto lower rungs.

Obsessed comes in #1, with Fighting, The Soloist, Earth at #3-#5. (Zac clings to the second position after a 51% drop, the girls having ogled their fill and moved on.)

Monsters Vs. Aliens is in the fifth slot, with a $174.8 cume. The feature had the smallest decline (-35.6%) of any picture in the Top Twenty, and looks poised to finish at the higher end of the Koch Box Office Calculator (r) after all is said and done.

Which means, I think, it wil be hanging tough until Up lifts off at the end of May.


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