Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Box Office Derby

With fresh-baked Add On.

If the Nikkster is right, Miley Cyrus will have a foot-stomping good time at the elongated weekend box office:

... Disney had been expecting a Fri-Sat-Sun North American gross of only $17M for the entire Easter Weekend for G-rated Hannah Montana, The Movie. But now rival studios say the Miley Cyrus starrer could end up opening with an $18M haul from 3,118 theaters and a predicted $40M-$45M for the entire weekend ...

What Ms. Cyrus's box office dance does to this prediction is anyone's guess:

... Our experts (Entertainment Weekly, Slashfilm and Box Office Guru) predict Monsters vs. Aliens will grab the No. 3 spot with $20 million-$21 million. Hannah Montana should lure some older girls away from DreamWorks Animation's 3-D spectacular, but with the holiday weekend and many people having Good Friday off, more families might go to the multiplex this weekend than they have in the past. That $20 million figure should put MvA's total domestic gross at roughly $140 million, keeping it as the third-highest-grossing film of 2009, a very good sign for 3-D movies and the studios making them ...

Add On: The Mojo weighs in with numbers. Miley and the street racers take the Win-Place positions, while Monsters Vs. Aliens collects nine million $$ for a $127.5 million total.

Add On Too: And as the weekend winds down, Hannah Montana rakes in $34 million, the Street Racers zoom past $100 million ...

And Monsters Vs. Aliens now has $141 million in the till.

(Coraline constinues to truck along far down the list ... now standing at $74.5 million domestic gross ...)


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