Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Studio Forays

Yesterday I ended up at two studios (which is one studio too many within a day's work, but what the hey. Live on the edge, that's what I say.)

Over at Rough Draft, the Sit Down, Shut Up crew has mostly departed the premises. The directors are still there, also a few designers, but the production board artists have completed their work and moved on.

(We're informed that SDSU is rolling out later this month, after which Fox will decide if additional episodes will be ordered) ...

Over at DreamWorks Animation, hearts are high after Monsters Vs. Aliens big opening. One artist said: "Looks like we'll still be working here for a while yet..."

I stumbled across the Crood Awakening unit, which is nicely decked out withcharacter artwork and what I assume is a special Awakening color scheme. A staffer mentioned:

"Jeffrey was here working through the weekend. He had five sessions with different crews, and this show had a good meeting. The characters are on track, the story got a thumbs up, so we're moving right along ..."

As I've noted here earlier, DreamWorks Animation's next release is in a little less than a year (March 2010). No further roll outs in 2009, which might not be a bad thing, since there will be a stampede of product in the last quarter of the year. Christmas Carol, Princess and the Frog, 3-D Toy Stories and probably some others I'm not remembering.

No way around it. There's a whole mess of animation in '09.


Anonymous said...

The Union's Plan for Destroying the Animation Industry:

1. Bully all Major Studio's into their Jurisdiction otherwise... "we'll cry, complain and strike!"
2. Force those within their Jurisdiction to have standard non-competitive rates, forcing Companies to outsource jobs or cut them outright.
3. Don mask and become Epic fail guy
4. ????
5. PROFIT!!!

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