Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Next Animated Feature Into the Marketplace

It's not Up, but this one:

Battle For Terra has something to do with the remains of the human race threatening to wipe out the inhabitants of Terra by colonizing the planet.

... WALL-E did well for Pixar, grossing $223 million, and Disney’s Lilo & Stitch pulled in $145 million, but those films had brand recognition in the Pixar and Disney names. Terra has Lionsgate. If you’re looking for films involving a serial killer forcing you to self-mutilate in order to save your life, Lionsgate is the go-to distributor. For an agenda laden sci-fi epic, you’d better get a more trusted name in animation ...

Terra has an interesting pedigree> A c.g.i. feature produced in L.A. over two-plus years, it toured various film festivals, and was ultimatelyh picked up for distribution by Lionsgate. And like several other animated features in recent times, got itself retrofitted with glorious 3-D.

I have no idea how Battle for Terra will perform in the marketplace. The one thing I know is, the film is being released between DreamWorks Animation juggernaut Monster Vs. Aliens and Pixar's behemoth Up.

But we'll shortly find out how it performs, since the feature rolls out on May 1st.


Anonymous said...

I sat through this film a bit ago. It's a chore to sit through. To say it has an Unoriginal story is being FAR too kind. And to say it was any good would just be lying. It's dreadful, and will drop from the marketplace faster than you can say "What the f......?"

Technically, it's on par with the average videogame. Artistically...well, let''s just not go there. Hacks need work, too.

Anonymous said...

It did manage to win the Ottawa Film Festival.

Anonymous said...

Plus, despite the fact that a few has seen the film through illegal means, Wolverine is going to dominate the B.O. that weekend.

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