Sunday, December 05, 2010

Cartoons' TV Ratings

All the animated Fox lineup of a Sunday night has been renewed. Easy to see why.

#8 Simpsons -- (18-49 rating) 4.1

#14 Cleveland Show -- (18-49 rating) 3.4

#18 Family Guy -- (18-49 rating) 3.0

#20 American Dad -- (18-49 rating) 2.9.

When you lay claim to four primetime shows in the top twenty, all of them cartoons and all of them broadcast on a single weekend evening, you are neither crazy nor hyperbolic calling the two-hour block "Animation Domination!"

The question I have (again) is: why are all the other broadcast networks allowing Fox to own the monopoly on television cartoons? Shouldn't the competition be developing animated projects on their own? Shouldn't they have ten or fifteen half-hours in development, all designed to horn in on Fox's territory?

Or do they all have the same attitude that other studios used to have about theatrical cartoon features:

"Long-form animation is a Disney thing, so we won't get into it. Way too mysterious and scary for us."

Nobody has that attitude toward animated features in 2010, now do they?


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