Thursday, December 09, 2010

Ed's Afternoon -- Part II

>TAG Interview with Ed Gombert

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We continue with Mr. Gombert's tales of the animation biz ...

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Floyd Norman said...

Great interview with Ed Gombert.

While visiting Burny Mattinson at Disney in the seventies I thought of Ed as the young kid. Now, Gombert sounds like the old veteran. Boy, how time flies in this crazy business.

Steve Hulett said...

Ed WAS a young kid. But then, so was I.

The calendar keeps dropping days.

Speaking of which, the next TAG interview will be appearing on Wednesday. I don't know if we'll be hewing to a weekly schedule. It depends on how many sit-downs I manage to do. Ive got commitments from a number of interesting people, but not yet dates for the interview sessions.

We'll keep you informed.

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