Monday, December 13, 2010


When a cartoon company inks a wider distribution deal, that's a good thing, yes?

Hasbro Studios, the Los Angeles-based production and distribution division of Hasbro, Inc., and Turner Broadcasting, have agreed to a programming deal covering four key properties including Transformers Prime, The Adventures of Chuck and Friends, Pound Puppies and My Little Pony. Hasbro Studios President Stephen Davis and Turner Broadcasting’s Chief Content Officer Michael Carrington made the announcement today.

“Turner’s strong suite of channels will be an ideal home for our new animated series in Europe —all re-invented, re-imagined and re-ignited from our stable of well-known brands”

The agreement, which runs throughout the U.K., Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Middle East, will start in summer 2011. ...

It's the old, market-based story: The more your new product gets wider distribution and does well, the more money you get to make. (And the more artists get employed to make new stuff.)

You can't earn much in the way of profits if 'tweens, teens and little kids aren't out there watching your cartoons, and this deal helps to insure they will be doing just that.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Turner Broadcasting buy anything from Warner Bros. Animation? They're both owned by Time Warner, Inc. for Christ's sake!

I know CN airs WB shows, but not the other cable channels.

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