Thursday, December 09, 2010

Disney TVA Pickups

The Chowder crew* continues to be gainfully employed.

Disney Channel Renews 'Fish Hooks' For A Second Season; Picks Up Comedy Series 'Gravity Falls' ...

Television animation has been doing reasonably well the last couple of years. (This after a stretch of definite unwellness.) Word is circulating that Disney will be ramping up a new "Disney Junior" type channel to rope in more of the moppet set, and other studios continue to launch new series.

Then of course there are the super hero shows at Marvel-Disney and Warner Bros. Animation, the new Hasbro offerings, and a spate of C.G. shows. You'd almost think we're on the cusp of a new TV boomlet.

* The "Chowder" crew, if you are just tuning in, migrated to "Fish Hooks" when the earlier Cartoon Network series ended production.


Anonymous said...

Its not going to be a frutiful continuation of FishHooks. Alex Hirsch, who worked tirelessly to craft that show has moved on and two of the three senior writers(the two good ones) were not asked to return because they continued to push boundaries of the show. Their replacements were selected with "following orders" as one of their main attributes.

You'll see how drab, unfunny and unimaginative the 2nd season product will be.

Disney TV continues to be ruled by committee churning out the boring.

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