Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dan Haskett - pt. 2

We now continue with the second half of Mr. Haskett's interview.

TAG Interview with Dan Hasket

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Dan Haskett:

“I’ve been able to influence a lot of young talent. A lot of people like what I do and they like how I do it and they want to learn. And it’s very important to me to create characters that have a life of their own—and apparently I’ve been successful at that.”...

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Amir Avni said...

Thanks for posting! Dan Haskett's work has always been great inspiration to me

Floyd Norman said...

Animation's been fortunate to have had Dan for the past 41 years. What a career.

I would have liked to have heard more. Especially when Dan spoke of the under appreciated artists who labor in this business.

Anonymous said...

I remember Dan doing nude model sheets of Miriam on Prince of Egypt that helpfully included her pubic hair.

Karen H. said...

Yeah, the kind of thing that you only get to see if you've ever seen a real grown up woman. Must have been a shock to your system. Grow up, please...wait a minute. Cancel that request. I just remembered the mind being addressed. Better still, Anonymous, let's see your stuff and put it under scrutiny.

julian said...

Love your work Dan thank you for all your inspiration .love you and karen .

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