Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Vacation Derby

Now with licorice-flavored Add On.

Via the Nikkster, some new animated moving pictures have come into the mix. Steve Lizberger must be proud.

1. Tron: Legacy 3D (Disney) NEW [3,451 Theaters] -- Friday $18M, Estimated Weekend $47M

2. Yogi Bear 3D (Warner Bros) NEW [3,515 Theaters] -- Friday $4.7M, Estimated Weekend $17M

3. The Fighter (Relativity/Paramount) Week 2 [2,503 Theaters] -- Friday $3.8M, Estimated Weekend $11.8M.

4. Narnia/Dawn Treader 3D (Walden/Fox) Week 2 [3,555 Theaters] -- Friday $3.7M (-55%), Estimated Weekend $12.8M, Estimated Cume $43M

5. How Do You Know (Sony) NEW [2,483 Theaters] -- Friday $2.9M, Estimated Weekend $8.7M

6. Black Swan (Fox Searchlight) Week 3 [959 Theaters] -- Friday $2.7M, Estimated Weekend $9M

7. The Tourist (GK Films/Sony) Week 2 [2,756 Theaters] -- Friday $2.6M (-56%), Estimated Weekend $8.5M, Estimated Cume $30.6M

8. Tangled (Disney) Week 4 [3,201 Theaters] -- Friday $2.5M, Estimated Weekend $10M, Estimated Cume $129.7M

The Christmas movie-going frenzy now begins in earnest. And Tron and Yogi have knocked the older animated features out of a lot of 3-D movie screens. Yeowch.

Add On: The Reporter summarizes the weekend box office.

'Yogi Bear' debuts at No. 2 as awards frontrunners 'Fighter' and 'Swan' also impress, but all-star 'How Do You Know' falters at No. 8. Disney's 3D Tron: Legacy sped to the top of the domestic box office in opening to $43.6 million from 3,451 theaters, but the weekend was soft overall ...

Box Office Mojo informs us that Tangled dropped the least of any Top Ten holdover (-39.5%) and now has $127.8 million in the till.

Meantime, Megamind lost a majority of its theatres and dropped -73.6%. It now stands at $141.6 million.


Anonymous said...

Tangled and Megamind are neck and neck at the 4th weekend post, both right at $130 million. We'll see what a few Christmas weekends does - Tangled should end up ahead, but perhaps not by much.

Anonymous said...

Still hoping tangled picks up. Losing those 3D theater tickets is a definte blow. Wish they would have pushed tron back.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Sorry to see Tangled drop. It deserves better.

Locall said...

Tangled is still number #5 in the estimated weekend total, the #8 is for the friday only... we'll see

partypooper said...

Tangled is loosing steam. yay!

Anonymous said...

partypooper lives up to their name.

Anonymous said...

Are we ready to say that the 3D infatuation is over? Maybe folks don't like the glasses, headaches and overpriced tickets.

Anonymous said...

No, but we are ready to say that princess movies are dead and buried forever. 3D and CG were only able to get a lsight rise out of the BO - if it hadn't been for that Tangled would have suffered the same fate as PatF

Anonymous said...

Dude, Tangled lost many 3D screen and it still managed to make 8 million dollars on the weekend, that is a strong hold. Plus, christmas vacation always helps this kind of movies and with the overseas market Tangled will do just fine at the B.O.

Anonymous said...

Party pooper has his head up his poop chute. Because "Tangled" saw the smallest drop of any movie in the Top Ten.


Anonymous said...

Tangled is on its way to grossing around $150 million domestic. Not enough to get too excited about.

Anonymous said...

Tangled is on its way to grossing around $150 million domestic. Not enough to get too excited about.

Maybe not when compared to crazy-huge hits like the Shreks and the Toy Stories, but it's a solid number. It's much better than anything Disney has done in years, and its a number that Sony would wet their pants to achieve.

Anonymous said...

So tangled should make it to 150. That is good, numbers haven't past 130 since maybe lilo or tarzan. Thank goodness for 3D ticket prices.

Justin said...

I was certain I posted this earlier, but I don't see my comment.

Tangled is tracking almost perfectly with Toy Story 2 which released on the exact same day, except at 82% of Toy Story 2's domestic gross. If Tangled continues tracking with Toy Story 2 then Tangled is right on track to gross almost exactly $200 million domestically.

Anonymous said...

Expecting Tangled to get anywhere close to $200 million is setting expectations up for major disappointment. It doesn't have the same kind of broad based love that TS2 did, and once it loses most of its 3-D screens it will stop tracking with TS2. I'll be impressed, and surprised, if it makes it to $180 million domestic.

rufus said...

Whether Tangled grosses 200 mil or 500 mil, its still sad for me that disney features have become nothing more than a vehicle for pushing princess dolls and trinkets.

Disney movies used to mean more to me.

The directors and animators may shelter themselves under the pretense that they are making a great movie or whatever.But Tangled and PATF are nothing more than very long commercials.
Pixar's "Cars 2" is another example.


Anonymous said...

I think 3D has been trending downward since Avatar. We're probably at a point now where the extra revenue from premium ticket prices are more than offset by decreased sales, especially from parents with kids in tow.

Steve Hulett said...

Me, I love 3-D movies.

As long as I see them in the flat-screen version.

Justin said...

You are correct that Tangled doesn't have the same broad based appeal that Toy Story 2 did, which is why it is making 82% of what TS2 did instead of 100%. This last weekend Tangled lost 65% of its 3D screens but still managed to keep right on track with TS2. At this point in its release Toy Story 2 had made 64% of its totaled gross. Apply that to Tangled and you get $200 million.

Tangled's Cinemascore was A+. The last movie to score an A+ was The Blind Side which shows that Tangled should have staying power through the holidays.

Aurora Dawson said...

Well, currently Tangled is still in the top 5 and it looks like it may stay there until early January (maybe).

I found this film to be fun and cute. The animation was extrodinary and another step forward for CGI. The songs were enjoyable, still not happy that the producers didn't want Menken to do a Broadway score, but they were still decent (not a fan of Slater's lackluster lyrics).

But as rufus has said the film felt more like a commercial for the Disney Princess franchise than a "return to Disney's roots".

I would prefer if they would push the boundaries a little. I enjoy fairy-tales, but something much more daring would suffice, at least for me. Something like Fantasia or The Black Cauldron. But then again they're a company first, so I guess we'll have to wait until then.

Reboot Ralph sounds decent, but its not my cup of tea. I'm sure it will be good nonetheless. I'm looking forward to Ron and John's Mort, though. Does anyone know anything else about it?

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