Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Tim Walker Chat -- Part II

We continue with our interview of Mr. Walker ...

TAG Interview with Tim Walker

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A few years ago, Tim was diagnosed with MS, which affected his right side ... and drawing/writing hand.

Tim has trained himself to draw and write with his left hand, and continues working. The picture above is the product of his retrained left hand.

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Steve Hulett said...

You're right. I should get to these guys before they pass on.

Hope to do lots more interviews in coming years.

Floyd Norman said...

Well done, Steve. Thanks, Mr. Walker for loving animation as much as I do. You are correct sir. We lived the dream.

By the way, I see Blaine Gibson from time to time. He lives up in the Santa Barbara area.

Steve Kaplan said...

Floyd -

Can you pass along one of our email addresses? We'd love to talk with him.

Floyd Norman said...

Sure, Steve. Will Do.


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