Thursday, December 09, 2010

TAG Employment Numbers

I got asked by a studio exec what kind of breakdown The Animation Guild has with current employment ....

So to give you round figures (since I'm at home and not in the office), we've got just under 2600 members currently employed, with 51% working in features, 46% working in television, and 3% in "other media."

I'm pretty sure "other media" doesn't mean etch-a-sketches.


Anonymous said...

Completely off topic BUT inquiring minds want to know - what is going on over at Sony Pictures Animation/Imageworks? Rumor has it that their next film "Hotel Transylvania" has died again - only this time they seem to have put a stake through its heart, filled its mouth with garlic and for good measure shot it with a few rounds of silver bullets. Any word trickle back to eh Guild?

Anonymous said...

Ahh-- but only 17% are animators...:/

Steve Hulett said...

I haven't been at Sony Pictures Animation in a while. (It takes up most of my day to do a studio visit, for the freeways to Culver City are an unending delight.) Howsoever, I will be going down there next week, and report back.

If "HT" is dead again, it's news to me. It's been in the process of becoming a long while now.

Anonymous said...


Ahh-- but only 17% are animators...:/

Is this news to you? Do you imagine that there was ever a time when most people in TAG were animators? There's a reason it's called "The Animation Guild," and not "The Animator's Guild."

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