Monday, December 13, 2010

The Killing

Poor Jesse.

Poor Yogi.

Okay, it's already gone viral in animationland, and the Brew's put it up, but I had no idea what it was double-parodying until I saw the top clip.

Face it, this is just what Warner Bros. needed to boost the Aykroyd-Timberlake feature. (They're no doubt kicking themselves that they didn't think of this themselves.)

Add On: But maybe not. For The New York Times relates:

... A spokeswoman for Warner Brothers said on Monday evening that the studio had been in contact with [the creator] Mr. Earle, a 25-year-old animator and graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, who was willing to add the disclaimer to his work. The studio said the video was likely a protected work of parody and it would have required an excessive amount of legal work to have it pulled from YouTube, if that were even possible. Warner Brother said YouTube turned down a request to have viewers input their age before playing the video (to keep impressionable young viewers from seeing it) but that YouTube would monitor the situation. ...


Anonymous said...

Like Glenn Beck accusing YouTube of being "hired by the government", I don't exactly think this was Warner viral promotion--
It takes a particularly unpopular or over-promoted movie to bring out the nasty creative imaginations of rogue YouTubers. And Yogi is...unquestionably that movie.

(And if you hadn't seen the real TAoJJbtCRF to get the joke yet, Steve, your loss: Well worth a Netflixing on Blu.)

Anonymous said...

They couldn't get Youtube to pull it?

Doesn't Youtube usually pull first and ask questions later?

Anonymous said...

Better yet, is it too late to get Warner Bros. to pull the actual Yogi Bear feature? We'd all be grateful for that.

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