Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cinematographer President Speaks to VFX Artists

One of my most frequented sources for quotes or news references in my blog posts is FXGuide. I've been following their sites and listening to their podcasts as long as I knew what a podcast was. The level of talent they have access to and ability to pool and share techniques and knowledge sets them apart among the websites dedicated for visual effects artists today.

Jeff Heusser, for the last FXGuide podcast of the year, interviewed IATSE Local 600 and former American Society of Cinematographer President Steven Poster.

While it was a treat to hear President Poster speak about his life and the current technology, what struck me as poignant was his answer to Mr. Heusser's question "What would you say to visual effects people on what it has meant to you being a member of IATSE". President Poster gave an impassioned explanation of how his forty years as a union member has been of a benefit to him. His opinion of why its important for visual effects artists and workers is a must for everyone to hear.

We encourage you to visit the FXGuide podcast page, download and listen to the interview at your earliest convenience. It is easy for me as an organizer to expound on the importance of organization. Hearing the message from someone with as much experience as President Poster carries much more weight.


Anonymous said...

oh god, THANK YOU for sharing this!

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