Thursday, December 02, 2010

Soon Number One?

The Reporter says:

Disney’s 3D-animated feature "Tangled" may manage to top box-office rankings in its second frame after ceding domestic bragging rights to Harry Potter and the "Deathly Hallows Part 1" last weekend in the Warner Bros. film’s sophomore session.

Since there's not a lot of competition in the weekend marketplace, and since Potter is moving to its third weekend, I'm banking on Disney's feature to hit Numero Uno..


Hannah Barbontana said...

I loved it. Very clever. Didn't find that hidden Pinocchio until my second viewing.

Congrats to all the guy and girls in the Hat Building.

Let this be the start of a Third Golden Age.

Don't be so cynical Floyd!

Anonymous said...

That was mentioned last week. There is no competition. Cant see how it doesn't take first. Potter has been number and a monster hit for 2 weeks already, no way it can take number 1 for a 3rd week.

Anonymous said...

Hidden Pinocchio? Do tell.

Anonymous said...

One shot, that's all you get, ha, ha, literally.

Floyd Norman said...

You guys still don't get it.

I love Disney. Worked there most of my career. Hell, I worked with the old man himself, so nobody cares about Disney more than I do.

I simply stick up for the artists who usually get the short end. How is that being cynical?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all the guy and girls in the Hat Building.

That should read, "Congrats to all the guys and girls who used to be in the Hat Building, and are now working elsewhere."

Anonymous said...

Glass half full if they are working elsewhere. At least they have work, thats something to be thankful for.

Anonymous said...

... a few hidden Mickeys in the Lantern sequence ;] -

Anonymous said...
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Kinoo said...

Katzenberg also revealed in Paris that they're working on a animated musical inspired by Bollywood and the Indian tale Ramayana with Stephen Schwartz writing the lyrics:

Did'nt Disney once thought of doing a feature on this tale ?

Anonymous said...

"Congrats to all the guys and girls who used to be in the Hat Building, and are now working elsewhere."

That should read:

"Congrats to all the guys and girls who are in the hat building, and also those who have moved on and are working elsewhere"

Anonymouse said...

Yeah Anon @ 11:25, way to ignore the fact that Dreamworks has more original movies in their pipeline than Pixar does.

Jeffrey's made no secret of his strategy of franchising. I know purists aren't a fan of this strategy, but it makes money - which he uses to put a lot of animators to work. He's getting major talent like Guillermo del Toro to come on board, and he's snagging a lot of artists who leave their studio unappreciated.

In the meantime, the head of another studio who shall remain nameless, pretends to respect artists' and directors' vision, except when they clash with his, in which case he boots them off the director's chair and gives the project to someone who will follow his vision. It's all just rhetoric that sound good for the DVD special features... Oh, and by the way, he's making Cars 2... Shouldn't that give Katzenberg a pass?

Anonymous said...

AND the only reason why Cars2 is being made is for MERCHANDISE.
At least, DWs sequels are being made to put people's butts in theater seats.

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