Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cartoon Network Visit

Today was 401(k) day at Cartoon Network. After the enrollment meeting, I rambled about the CN building, drinking in the vibes ...

One staffer worried about Secret Mountain Fort Awesome getting picked up:

"We haven't heard anything. I don't know if it gets a renewal or not. They don't stick with things that don't make a BIG ratings splash, and I'm not sure Fort Awesome is strong enough. Might have to start looking around ..."

(The show seems to be performing in its time slot ... or was. I don't know if more episodes will get greenlit or not.)

On the other hand, another artist informed me that The Regular Show has been renewed, so that's good news for employees hungry for continuity of employment. But the alleged renewal shouldn't have been difficult to see coming:

Among Monday night's comedy animated series, REGULAR SHOW (8:15 p.m.) was the #1 telecast of the day among kids 9-14 and all boy demos. Additionally, ADVENTURE TIME (8 p.m.) and REGULAR SHOW (8:15 p.m.) both ranked #1 in their time periods among kids 6-11, kids 9-14 and all boys. ...

Cartoon Network continues on its merry roll.


Anonymous said...

Problem Solverz is getting cancelled.

Jonathan Lyons said...

Thanks for the link. It continues to point out The Amazing World of Gumball placed first in it's time period. AWG is the best animated show since Spongebob. Too bad it's not made here.

Anonymous said...

I agree Gumball is one of the shows that my kids and I can watch together and truly enjoy and really laugh out loud. And yes I wish it were done here - I'd be first in line with demo reel in hand!!!

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