Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tony Benedict Interview -- Part II

Young Mr. Benedict had a hankering to write as well as draw, and after he departed Disney he got his chance ...

TAG Interview with Tony Benedict

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Tony spent time at UPA, where he wrote and boarded shorts, then it was on to a new studio called Hanna-Barbera. He was hired around the time a prime-time animated half-hour about a Modern Stone-Age Family was getting underway, and Mr. Benedict wrote for the The Flintstones from its first season to its last.

Tony describes Hanna-Barbera as a dynamic and zesty place to work in the middle sixties. He relates that the studio changed after Bill and Joe sold it, and thinks that later on, they regretted selling out when they did.

Mr. Benedict went on to direct and write features and television cartoons at other venues into the new century, but he looks back on those early years at Hanna-Barbera with particular fondness.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! What a terrific set of interviews. And what a great video, too! Mr. Benedict certainly can tell a good story, and has such a wonderfully expressive face! Seems like the kinda' guy you could have a blast over a beer with.

I miss his blog, and wish it was still up. I'd love to contact him to express my thanks for sharing his story.

wayne said...

Real cool to hear Tony's story of the early days of Hanna-Barbera.

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