Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Animation Links

When we're out of things to say, why not a Link-fest?

Tintin: The London Daily Telegragh has misgivings about the Spielberg movie.

On the other hand, The Hollywood Reporter predicts triumph at the box office. ...

Batman: Year One rolls out at the New York Comic Con.

MTV wants another Beavis and Butthead that is not BB but is, you know, edgy like the Judge original.

Estonia is victorious (cartoon-wise) in Bucharest.

Brad Neeley and Dan Weidenfeld discuss China, IL.

SIGGRAPH Asia happens in Hong Kong December 12-15.


Anonymous said...

I've seen the film. I'm no big Tin Tin fan...Growing up in London, I never really heard of it until relatively recently. The film, on it's own merits, is the worst kind of motion capture. The only thing it has as an advantage is that unlike the Zemeckis cartoons, it's not a pain to look at, from a visual point of view. From a storytelling point of view, there are some fun sequences here and there. But from a story and character point of view, I couldn't care less. I'd put it on the same level as that owl movie that came out last year. OK, but not much more. Nothing special, and certainly not "Animation."

Steve Hulett said...

I encountered Tintin while a tot in a Swiss boarding school.

I read some of the big, hardcover comics and ... was enchanted.

This was in 1956.

Why the boy reporter never caught on stateside I have no idea, but he's known but to few. And whether or not this MoCap movie performs or not, well ...

Let's just say I have doubts.

Floyd Norman said...

Performance capture and CGI equals animation without the animation.

Anonymous said...

Steven Spielberg Says The Adventures Of Tintin Is "85% Animation, 15% Live Action"

Anonymous said...

What does speilberg know about animation? Not much. Most of his cartoon efforts have been crap. We're Back, Balto, Roger Rabbit, American Tale 1 & (especially) 2?

He can be a fine director with a great script. But he doesn't have the patience for animation.

The animation was not created by key-frame from scratch. The Academy does not consider it animation.

And they are right.

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