Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Jack Thomas Interview -- Part II

After work in live-action movies and cable shows, Jack wrote a freelance script for a Nickelodeon show entitled Fairly Odd Parents and he was launched into the animation biz ...

TAG Interview with Jack Thomas

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That first script was soon followed by a staff position at Nick, which led to a job as associate story editor on the iconic Nickelodeon series. Shortly thereafter, Jack write the bible for Disney's The Replacements, and became the executive producer and show-runner for TR's 52-episode run.

Mr. Thomas finds that cartoon writing takes a special knack: "You have to think visually," he says, "and you can't talk down to your audience." He recently completed assignments on Cartoon Networks The Regulars show, and is now working on a new, (unannounced) series.


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