Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nothing But Blue Sky

... all day long.

... Blue Sky Studio is receiving funding through the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development to expand its office space by 43,000 square feet and add the 70 new positions.

Once complete, the facility will total 150,000 square feet, including “seating for up to 140 artists ...

It's great that the state is subsidizing the feature animation studio, but what happens when the subsidies end? Does Blue Sky return to White Plains New York? Or does it just cut positions?

I suppose we'll wait and see.


Anonymous said...

What's sad is that even before getting the tax break, Blue Sky found ways of making movies for cheap (read, crappy facilities and breaking employees backs for low wages). Then when they made a killing at the box office, Fox took all the profits and gives a tiny scrap for the studio to fight over in a bonus pool.

Now that they have the tax break, they have a few more creature comforts and slightly higher wages. If the tax break goes away, something's gotta give (and it certainly wont be taking the money away from the execs or shareholders)

Blue Sky employees are the 99%

Anonymous said...

There's no need to worry.

I'm happy to reassure you that Rupert Murdoch was able to buy that 2nd gold-plated yacht for his Dominican mistress, thanks to Blue Sky's profits.

Anonymous said...

If the employees didn't like the long hours and low wages, they should have either done something about it or not taken the job. If artists keep accepting to work under these conditions why would it ever change?

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Blue Sky has such a high turnover rate? People get experience there, get frustrated, try to change it, get more frustrated, then leave and get paid much better elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I talked to Blue Sky once for a job, they tried to talk up the cost of living being lower than LA or the Bay Area.

Except their rates were worse than LA, and the cost of living in the area of Greenwich, CT was astronomical. The Median house price was double unless you wanted to commute from the sticks or from NYC.

The recruiters didn't know how to respond to that...

No Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and good for Blue Sky!!! M

el diablo said...

Untill the exodus of artists is so massive that BlueSky can't possibly finish a feature, that's when BlueSky will realize they need to take better care of their artists. The problem is that people need jobs. I suppose that all comes back to the demand/offer dilema.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see our tax dollars hard at work subsidizing giant corporations.

If they can't afford more office space, let 'em take out a loan from the bank, and pay it off from the profits of their movies.

Don't stick taxpayers with the bill for this.

Pigs at the trough.

Anonymous said...

Blue Sky is sort of like a really good animation school. New animators get experience and chops working on a film or two there, then get cherry picked by other studios who offer better pay and working environments. For the LA studios, it's a great relationship!

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