Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is it time to end Family Guy?

It is, according to Seth MacFarlane in the latest Hollywood Reporter.

MacFarlane thinks there's something to be said for ending the series on a high note after ten seasons, and doing a feature every couple of years.

Of course, it doesn't particularly matter what MacFarlane thinks -- Fox calls the shots, and as long as it continues to reel in the bucks they'll keep it on the air.

(The headline reads: "Seth MacFarlane Secretly Wants 'Family Guy' To End". Something tells me the secret is out ...)


Anonymous said...

Good riddance.

Crap like that belongs OFF the air.

I just don't get why people watch it.....I guess folks will watch whatever you put in front of them. They just don't know any better.

One can only hope that quality is put in front of them from now on.

Steve Hulett said...

"FG" won't be ending anytime soon. Fox is making large amounts of case, and the show will go on.

When I'm in the studio, the shows that staffers wonder about are "Cleveland" and "American Dad."

Anonymous said...

Anon, whatever your personal feelings about the show are-- and assuming that you too are an artist-- it's not cool to wish any show that employs so many of your colleagues off the air. If you dont like the show, dont watch it.

Anonymous said...

It's just in the closet Seth Macfarlane trying to publicize his show in light of The Simpsons news.

Anonymous said...

Family Guy is hilarious for milllions of people. Just because YOU don't like it, it doesn't mean it's crap.

I mean, cmon that's obvious. Maybe you're just slow. (which maybe explains why you don't get the jokes on Family Guy)

Anonymous said...

So raunchy jokes and 'remember when' bits require a PhD to understand? I think we can tell who the slow one is in this topic.

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