Thursday, October 13, 2011

MORE Animated Movies!

... in the "Best Animated Movie" category!

For only the third time in the category's 10-year history, Oscar's Best Animated Feature race may have a full slate of five nominees.

... A representative for the Czech Republic's entry, "Alois Nebel," told TheWrap Wednesday that the filmmakers plan to enter the graphic-novel-based drama in the animation race as well as the foreign-language race. ...

From our perspective, this is welcome news.

More entries in the "Best Animated Movie" Oscar race means more free publicity, more box office, more sales of them little silver disks of our favorite kind of motion picture. (A few people are still buying those silvery things, aren't they?)

This means: 1) More animated movies will get made, and 2) More animation artists get employed.

In a perfect world, animated features would win the "Best Picture" Academy Award from time to time, but we are a long way from perfection. A majority of AMPAS will make a picture like Snow White, Beauty and the beast or The Incredibles the big award winner around the time the sun reaches its red star phase.

So, five entries in the "Best Animated Feature" competition? That's going to have to be our consolation prize.


Anonymous said...

They can increase it to 10, and Pixar will still manage, somehow, to win.

Anonymous said...

How? I mean the Cars franchise has certainly won at the cash register (to the tune of $10 billion and counting) but this year's sequel didn't exactly set the world on fire. There haven't been any great cartoon features this year--although I'm looking forward to Puss and Boots!

Anonymous said...

Pixar has lost before. Don't listen to their PR.

Nash Sibanda said...

Eh, the best animated feature Oscar is the academy's best excuse for not having to fill up the Best Picture race with animated films. It'll have to take something extraordinary to break into that field again, even with the huge number of nominees these days.

el oldschool Diablo said...

Im still buying dvd's and blurays...I love to hear my friends talk about how their netflix service got interrupted or how the quality is not as good a bluray....All I have to do is push 'play'.


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