Sunday, October 23, 2011

The World Horse Race

The latest scorecard for animation-type movies in foreign lands:

... Real Steel remained strong in Russia ($2.1 million in its third weekend for a market cume of $18 million) and in Australia ($1.1 million in the third round, cume $9.3 million). Steel’s foreign gross total stands at $86.1 milion.

... Rise of the Planet of the Apes continues forcefully in Japan ... pushing the foreign gross total to $264.5 million.

Lion King 3D, $44 million over 11 frames ... Rango, $121.5 million ...

For those of you doing box scores at home, Rango now has a grand total of $245 million (Rounded.) We must always remember that the lizard's saga is a "hit" while Kung Fu Panda 2, which has outgrossed the original, is considered a "disappointment." And Apes has accumulated $439.9 million.

Lion King 3D has added 136.6 million to its almost billion dollar total. Pretty good for a seventeen-year-old, hand-drawn feature.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I too find it odd how KFP 2 could be considered a "disappointment." (I hope the reasoning behind this viewpoint isn't something purely archaic, like the fact that the director is a woman, or that it's from Pixar's rival, Dreamworks.)

Lion King's performance in 3D shocked me (and probably everybody else.) I hope this will get Disney re-thinking their traditional animation department. Or good movies in general.

Steve Hulett said...

Re "KFP2's" disappointment label: It slightly underperformed domestically, mostly (I think) because of the release date.

Mainstream media tends to glom onto labels. If somebody else dubs it a "disappointment," then goddamnit, it's a disappointment.

"Rango" got labeled a "hit" early on, largely because it didn't tank. But it certainly didn't break even from theatrical rentals.

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