Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Steve Jobs, RIP

Not a major surprise, still ....

... Apple says Steve Jobs has died ...

The world thinks of him as the visionary who invented personal computers and remade the way we interface with many things technical. But he was one of the forces most responsible for remaking animation.

When Disney bought Pixar, I was in the Anaheim Convention Center stockholder meeting as John Lasseter climbed up on the stage and said:

"Pixar went a long time losing money. Boy, did it go a long time. And Steve kept funding us, writing the checks to keep us going. Boy, did he write checks ..."

All the check-writing eventually paid off for Mr. Jobs in a major way. And in the process, a new way of story-telling was invented: visualizing with pixels.


Steven Kaplan said...

Memorial picture on Apple's homepage.

Anonymous said...

It just shows that no amount of money can save you if you have cancer.

Why the hell is this disease still such a killer? Decades after Pres. Nixon declared war on it, there have been billions spent and yet very little has happened in the way of treatment or a cure.

I've lost 2 family members to it, decades apart.And so I will never give a dime to the American Cancer Society or any of the charities, because IMO too much money has been squandered, and frankly I wonder if fraud isn't involved.

Poor Steve Jobs. Rest in peace

Anonymous said...

"yet very little has happened in the way of treatment or a cure."

That is an incredibly IGNORANT statement.

My heart goes out to anyone who's lost a loved one to such an insidious disease.

But the fact is (and yes, it's a FACT), more people survive cancer than not. A LARGE majority.

No doubt, like any bureaucracy, there is waste and possibly fraud (look at the disaster dick and bush left America in!)

But to give up is a colossal failure of imagination. Something I find ironic on a site about Animation.

Anonymous said...

My the trolls have been extra troll-y lately

Anonymous said...

Maybe the treatment has improved , but the number of cancer cases have tripled or doubled (depending of they type of cancer) from only a few decades ago. Childhood cancer has grown out of control too. so, yeah , very little has been accomplished to stop Cancer. And pancreatic Cancer is as deadly as ever was

Anonymous said...

The number of REPORTED cases.

But the very high (but certainly not high enough) percentage of survivors is the same and getting better, thanks to research.

Anonymous said...

...very little has happened in the way of treatment or a cure.

I've lost 2 family members to it, decades apart.

I am sorry for the loss of your two family members.

However, cancer survival rates have doubled since the 1970s.

2009 gave us an HPV vaccine that protects women from cervical cancer.

I lost my paternal grandfather to colon cancer in the early 70's because his cancer went undetected until it was too late. In Nixon's day, some claimed that colonoscopies were dangerous and unneccessary. Now colonoscopies are a routine means of catching colon cancer at a treatable stage in older patients.

On a personal level, I'm certain I would have lost my leg to my low-grade osteosarcoma if I had been treated with early-1970's medical knowledge instead of late-1990's medicine.

Although there is no "cure" for cancer, the chances of detecting and surviving cancer are better today for those with health insurance than they were in Nixon's day. I thought XKCD did a good job in portraying cancer treatment.

Anonymous said...

My best friend survived cancer. And that was based on cutting-edge techniques.

But I don't want to make the same mistake that anon above who lost two people did: basing my opinion on my small personal experience.

The correct way to know if we're improving is to look at the numbers not just in our families, but across the population.

Seriously, fuck cancer.

But we are getting better at it.

el Diablo said...

Not funding cancer research is the STUPIDEST thing you could ever think. What would that solve?!?

What the US needs is better education, especially science education. You won't find a cure by praying it off the planet. You find a cure by applying the scientific method. I have no doubt a cure will be found someday.

el Diablo.

Anonymous said...

Eat less meat and dairy, if not cut out completely, include more whole foods. It will cut your cancer and heart disease risk enormously. It won't cure everything, but if you are equating cancer cures with funding, that's the single most important thing you can do personally to change the equation. Nutrition. Common sense. Something we all usually forget when we right checks out for things. Not saying nutrition would have made a difference in Steve Jobs' case, but I think he would have agreed wholeheartedly.

el Diablo said...

hmmm. I'm not dissagreeing with you. My nutrition havits are awfull, and you have me thinking.

However, while it is important for us to revise our own dietary habits, that does not PRECLUDE us, as a society to continue cancer research. Stoping it would mean the chances of finding a cure goes to zero.


Anonymous said...

^The nutrition theory is utter crap. It's the usual blame-the-victim schtick cancer researchers use when they're trying to look like they're making progress.

My sister died from cancer 2 years ago. She ate right, exercised, never smoked, drank sparingly. She got breast cancer which morphed into bone cancer. Her doctors put her through HELL trying to "treat" her but they had no clue and she died anyway.

The lack of progress in cancer research is a scandal. I wouldn't give any money to ACS either. You might was well give money to Obama's re-election campaign. In both cases, there's very little hope and nothing much has changed. (That last bit was for the brain-dead Bush-basher up there).

Anonymous said...

What a shock you're a Teabagger. No one would have ever guessed....

Anonymous said...

I agree there absolutely has to be cancer research. Just saying, an ounce of prevention.... The science is all there on nutrition in the modern western world. Your body is a temple, and no one can disagree with that. And there definitely isn't a reason to be hostile toward that the facts regarding good nutrition, as one of the above posters seems to be. If one is going to link the politics of cancer research with the death of this man, all good information is empowerment.

Anonymous said...

SOME cancer survival rates have improved, thanks to many new treatments, but the old line ones like radiation/chemo are still used, and do the best jobs, in the vast majority of cases. Different cancers are different,and while someone with pancreatic cancer-which is what Steve Jobs had-may live longer than they once did, all that means is that you might get an extra 5 years more than you would have 20 years ago. or you might well not. It simply isn't true that cancer is more "survivable" than a generation ago. It's actually not. Not if it's detected later, as pancreatic, kidney and many lung cancers are, when they have already spread past the initial tumor.
Many people who get it and see a remission also get recurrances later.
There is no "cure". Yet. There may never be.

And anyone who thinks that "eating right" will prevent pancreatic cancer is foolish and wrong. Talk to doctors.

Anonymous said...

**What a shock you're a Teabagger. No one would have ever guessed....**

No, I'm not, but I'm guessing you're a "progressive". Nobody stereotypes and denigrates like the left. (I'm guessing, as I mentioned. Only lefties ASSUME).

Steve Hulett said...


Steve Jobs has passed on. Why all the politics? Cancer takes down everybody. SO does heart disease and car accidents.

Give it a rest.

el Diablo said...

"There is no "cure". Yet. There may never be.

Such a defeatist attitude. Some of us still have 'faith' that humanity can come to understand nature, and overcome illness. You have given up hope, I havent!


Anonymous said...

I'm a "Progressive!" That means I look to the future. It means I believe in a FREE MARKET.

I'm certainly not a tea bagger, who looks backwards to an imaginary "past" that never existed. They look back to higher taxes under reagun. They look to corporate communism. They look to the government to solve all their problems. They don't pay their bills.

Yes! I'm a Progressive! And thank GOD America has always been a progressive nation.

mark pudleiner said...

Sad news indeed.
He was too young to move on. But what a gifted life he led.
Amazing positive visionary.
Watching a loved one lose the fight to cancer isn't an easy one.
My thoughts go out to his family.

Rahul said...

I am big fan of mr steve jobs he has a lots of talent. I have read last 7 yrs he for personal reason he has taken a leave for 24 days we can say he is so hardworking and honest person i read in the newspaper many of the brands of his name

cancer alternative treatment said...

Steve Jobs, the most well known inspirational person. It is sad to know that he died out of cancer.
Let his sole RIP

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