Sunday, October 09, 2011

Regained Mojo

Now including emeritish Add On.

The Beast recalls:

... Jobs would eventually sink $50 million into Pixar, as his attention was monopolized by his other startup, the foundering NeXT Inc. computer company. It was hard to tell which was the larger boondoggle. Pixar’s finances, says Pamela Kerwin, an early employee, began to resemble “an extremely overdrawn checking account.” ...

Everybody knows the happy ending to the Pixar story, but it's good to remember that Mr. Jobs was repeatedly going down in flames in the late eighties and early nineties.

But then, the last few weeks have shown there are no permanent defeats ... nor permanent victories. And that it's perhaps wise not to take the ups and downs of life too seriously.

Add On: President Emeritus Tom Sito reflects on Job's significance to animation:


Anonymous said...

Well, Job's boondoggle NeXT was sold to Apple for gobs of money and NeXSTEP forms the foundation for both OSX and iOS.

He was ahead of his time and visionary with both Pixar and NeXT.

If John Sculley hadn't kicked him out of Apple we may have been 10 years ahead of where we are today in computer software. But then again we might not have got Pixar.

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