Thursday, May 03, 2012

Another Player in Cartoonland?

Amazon has rolled out this:
... Online retailing giant and e-book market leader Amazon is getting into the original video programming business. Starting today, Amazon is inviting anyone with a good idea for a primetime comedy or children’s television series to submit a pitch. Amazon promises to option one promising project a month for possible development, with an eye towards creating a stable of original programming ...

Amazon plans to bypass the industry pecking order. The company is inviting anyone to submit their ideas for a comedy or children’s programming series. Writers need to supply a five-page description and a completed pilot script — comedy series have a 22-minute format, children’s shows run 11 minutes. Once a pitch is submitted, Amazon Studios promises it’ll make a decision on whether to buy an option for the series within 45 days ...

Amazon Studios is signatory to both the Writers’ Guild and the Animation Guild ...

This isn't precisely correct. We're in the process of signing with ... a subsidiary of Amazon. (Not quite done yet.)

But we think it's find and dandy that there is another player in the mix. The more outlets that writers and story artists have for their work, the better it is for people working in the biz.


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