Thursday, May 10, 2012

Speaks For Itself -- Part 3

And finally, a job category breakdown of men who make up 82% of the working membership.

In the fall of 2006 the TAG Blog had a spirited discussion of gender stereotypes and hiring in animation, leading to our co-sponsoring a panel discussion with See Jane, an advocacy group founded by Geena Davis. Here are some employment statistics we put together for the panel.


Alice Marie said...

Excellent. here's the information I was interested in:

The following is the percentage of artists for each category who are women:

Story/Direction: 13.9%
Design: 19.8%
CG: 15.1%
Animation: 19.9%
Trainees: 34.7%
Ink & Paint: 100%

(I'm curious now though, what company still uses ink & paint?)

Unknown said...

Though the actual numbers are obviously different it seems the percentages are pretty close between men and women. That's a good thing, right...?

Anonymous said...

jester:What speaks for itself? A pie?

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