Friday, May 18, 2012

The TAG Email List

One of the quickest ways we have to communicate with the membership is through their email addresses. TAG has made a concerted effort over the last few years to collect member's email addresses in order to send timely messages about upcoming meetings and events, Gallery 839 openings, open positions at our contracted studios (and sometimes, non-contracted studios!) among many other topics.

Even through all our efforts, we still have members who are not on the list and may not even know the list exists. In order to make it easier to request to be added, we've created an application form on the website:

Its important to remember that this email list is reserved for Animation Guild Members ONLY. Active, suspended and members on Honorable Withdrawal are eligible to be on the list. Requests submitted through this link will be verified and non-members will not be added. Members must request to be added using their personal email addresses ONLY. Studio addresses will not be accepted. Members who have been added will be notified within one week via a welcome message.

If you haven't been receiving notification from us, visit the page and provide us your address today!


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